Community Associations


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Cognashene Cottager's Association
Doug Deeks, President


Georgian Bay Association
Bob Duncanson, Executive Director

Gibson Lake Cottage Association
Mark Straub, President
Teeter Leinveer, Vice President

Gloucester Pool Cottager's Association
Marilyn Taylor, President

Go Home Lake Cottage Owner's Association
Cynthia Douglas, President

Honey Harbour Association
Peter Koetsier, President
Kathy Kay, Communications


MacTier Community Development Association (MCDC)
Dawn MacDonald, Chair
Louise Rivett, Vice Chair


Moose Deer Point First Nations - Chief Barron King

Severn River Association of Property Owners (SRAPO)

Six Mile Lake Cottagers' Association
Frank Boddy, President
Denise Edwards, Vice President

Six Mile Lake Ratepayers Alliance
Kristian Graziano, President
Jack Petrie, Vice President

Stewart Lake Association
Margarete Cameron, President
Rudolph Kurz, Vice President

Wah Wah Taysee Association